Visita al Centre d’Idiomes de la U.V. en el programa europeo Train the Trainers 2017

Vídeo de la visita al Centre d’Idiomes de la Universitat de València dentro del programa Train the Trainers 2017 del proyecto europeo PROF-TRAC.


One of the objectives of PROF-TRAC project is in work package 4 (WP4) development of a European central Train-the-Trainers program. Its goal is an efficient use, adaption and implementation of existing training structures, training materials and accreditation schemes into national lifelong learning.  Train-the-Trainers (TtT) program will create ‘ambassadors’ for the PROF-TRAC project, who can initiate and organize the national training programs and can train the trainers on national scale.


The TtT course will last three days. The first part of the course is dedicated to lectures focused on key activities related to national course development. Lectures will be given by experienced professionals from consortium partners from HIA and ISSO (Netherlands), AAU (Denmark), CVUT (Czech Republic)  and IVE(Spain). Subject of the lectures covers different fields like mapping needed skills, description of available educational materials, modern teaching methods and last but not least a design, construction, commissioning and operation of nZEBs. The second part of the course is a workshop. During this workshop teams from each country will develop a training course tailored to specific needs of their country. The course will be ended up with presentation of workshop results and discussion.

The third TtT course was organized by Instituto Valenciano de la Edificacion (IVE) 2017.